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Mooring inspections

We dive on the mooring gear to fully inspect and clean all components from top to bottom and you receive a Mooring Inspection Report rating its condition. 

The report also includes finding, repairs, recommendations and costs, should there be any, and we will then conduct repairs upon approval.

We encourage people to sign up for automatic yearly inspections so that you are on our list at the beginning of the season.

Vessel inspections

Vessel inspections involve cleaning all the running gear, checking the number, location and condition of the zincs.  

Zinc replacements need to be done twice a year or more, depending on the vessel and the marina. We keep a list of zincs for our recurring clients and you can sign up for automatic maintenance.

Dive services

Lost items, damaged props or hull, tangled in crab pots, lost wedding rings 

video dive services

We offer video inspections of your boat, mooring or float.

dock & float maintenance

Diving to check the condition of pilings or float and dock connections.

mooring permitting process

We offer permitting services to process your existing or new mooring application through the Department of Natural Resources, San Juan County, Army Corps of Engineers and Washington Fish and Wildlife.

marine vegetation survey

Marine Vegetation Surveys are required for your permitting process and to be conducted by a qualified biologist. We conduct the survey to help you choose the appropriate coordinates for your mooring application and submit the survey with your permit.

mooring installations

We have an installer we can recommend or can work with an installer of your choice for your new mooring.

RR Moorings inspects my boat four times annually including replacing all of my nine zincs twice each year. They are very reliable and conscientious, always informing me by email of any unusual issues using their underwater camera. They are the professional choice in the San Juan Islands.
— Greg Von Gehr





mooring inspection
Fee: $250

mooring permitting process


vessel inspection
Fee: $200 - $250/hr

marine vegetation surveys
Fee: $850


Same Day dive services
Fee: $300/hr + travel time

mooring installation
Fee: call US



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